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Contact Us provides a mentally challenting one and a half hour workshop for teams and their coaches (Longer workshops provided on request).

As the coach is the primary person responsible for implementing the curriculum, coaches must be present during the workshop. In this way, everyone is speaking the same sports psychology language and understanding the same mental exercises to practice.

The workshop provides the foundation for the season-long implementation of the program. It makes logical sense to know and practice skills that have been shown to help people participate in sports to the best of their ability. The mental skills learned and practiced by kids participating in the program are transferrable to other parts of their lives where we also want to perform to the best of our ability.

And the bonus is, we will probably play better!

The workshop provides a list of mental activities to practice which are taken from the workshop to practice daily as well as mental skills that last a lifetime.

Workshop Responsibilities for Coach or Athletic Director
 •  Arrange workshops with facilitator so that it is before practice time or a day without practice
 •  Copy all workshop papers for each participant including coaches
 •  Provide academic classroom or auditorium with movable chairs and enough room to form groups and circles in the room
 •  Provide chalk or dry board in room
 •  Instruct players to bring a pen or pencil
Contact us if you would like to discuss fees and any other considerations.

Our Mission
To bring positive change to the general school curriculum and sports programming by:
 •  Building a positive school environment
 •  Enhancing emotional health
 •  Reducing violence, addictions and eating disorders including obesity

"Honestly, going into it (the workshop), our class was on a Friday afternoon, we knew it was about two hours long, it was tough. But after I read the stuff and played in a few games, I was glad I had taken the class. I'm able to focus more on the field."

 -- Freshman boys soccer, Newton North High School, Newton, MA.

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