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Advocating For a Written Sport Psychology Curriculum for Youth and School Sports Teams
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  • Would you like to see your kids have the best experience they can when they play youth or school sports?
  • Would you like to see appropriate behavior exhibited by parents, coaches and kids?
  • Wouldn't you want a sports program based in sports psychology that promotes all of the values we want our children to learn (sportsmanship, acceptance of diversity, abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse)?
  • Would you be interested in helping to start a program like this for your team, league or school? is ready to help!

Imagine This!
There are no parents, coaches or kids sending the wrong messages to your child.

Children are learning to be happy with their progress not the results.

All children are working on being positive and supportive with each other.

All children are learning the skill of giving maximum effort so they can apply it in the rest of their lives.

The coaches understand that sport psychology shows how to be the best you can be and they have the kids practice these skills whenever they practice or play!

Your child is learning specific mental exercises to improve self-worth for better mental health.

Don't throw up your hands and give up on making positive change. Join this cause and make a difference in the lives of millions of children.

Don't leave it to someone else!

Do you want your child to leave it to someone else to correct a situation that obviously needs attention? What a wonderful example you can set for your child by taking steps to help improve your entire community.

Currently, a handful of high schools in the country have a written sports psychology curriculum for their sports teams - we know, because we've implemented those programs starting in September, 2001. The students in these schools are already reaping the many benefits of a written sports psychology program.

Take the first step in getting a written sports psychology curriculum into your community by requesting more information now. CONTACT US!

Our Mission
To bring positive change to the general school curriculum and sports programming by:
 •  Building a positive school environment
 •  Enhancing emotional health
 •  Reducing violence, addictions and eating disorders including obesity

"(After taking the workshop the previous year), thinking positively has changed my life. I feel better about myself and it has improved my relationships with people. Thank you."

 -- Junior, Girls Varsity Basketball, Newton South High School, Newton, MA.

"Honestly, going into it (the workshop), our class was on a Friday afternoon, we knew it was about two hours long, it was tough. But after I read the stuff and played in a few games, I was glad I had taken the class. I'm able to focus more on the field."

 -- Freshman boys soccer, Newton North High School, Newton, MA.

"I didn't know my mind was so powerful."

 -- Cathedral High School Football Player commenting on Workshop Evaluation, Boston, MA.

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