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The kids speak...

"Basketball and soccer were not the only things I used the "GetPsychedSports" program for. In the beginning of the school year, I concluded that I only needed 1 more credit in order to graduate. Basically, I needed to pass English 12 and I was set for the year. I had my mind set on working hard the first quarter, and gradually slacking off and relaxing with my work during the year. As the year went on my feelings and attitude changed…..I emerged with not only two 100% averages in two different classes, but an overall GPA of 97% out of 100%, with my lowest grade being a 94%!.

I truly believe, honest to God, that your program has accommodated me in reaching this GPA because it made me aware of things I never deeply thought into--I realized how good I really feel about myself after such an accomplishment! In previous years, it has always been the opposite---starting high and ending low, and this year has been a 180 change.

A lot of my classmates are really laying low this time, even accumulating many failing grades throughout the year as the quarters roll by. That was my idea in the beginning of the year, since I'd be all set with college and guaranteed to pass my senior year, needing only English 12. But why settle for the minimum? I've also had the highest GPA in my entire career, which has progressively increased. I'd like to thank you a lot for your unconscious assistance in this fantastic achievement! I want you to know that there are people who are really applying your ideas and works into more than just sports, and that it is extremely successful."

Carly Dinnie, Senior, Rockville High School, Vernon, CT, April, 2006.

"It is no coincidence that our soccer team had its best season in recent years after fully utilizing the GetPsychedSports curriculum. Our performance as a team improved dramatically as we emphasized achieving set goals, giving full effort at all times during practice, and maintaining a strong focus on critical but controllable skills. I observed a fundamental change in our practice environment, for everyone worked hard, remained focused, and, I think most importantly, was overwhelmingly positive regarding their own performance and that of their teammates. The way we practiced directly influenced the way we played: Each of our losses came after a practice during which our effort and focus were lacking. What I find most useful about the curriculum is its universal applicability-I use it both on the playing field and in the classroom."

Samuel Bonsey, Senior, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Newton, MA, December 8, 2005.

"We create a really positive, hard-working environment where we support each other....We've worked so hard to build this atmosphere and that's where the fun comes from. Because you can make mistakes and that's how we get better. You can see how much we build, and then off the court, we're just a really close team. It's just a great environment to be in."

Tayna Rosbash, Senior, Newton South Girls Basketball Team, after four years of GPS workshops in both basketball and softball, after their tournament loss in the first round. The Newton TAB, March 3, 2004.

After describing an incident in a summer basketball program where there was almost a fight, “but thank God one of the players that was going to be involved in that conflict walked away. If the Cathedral player had not taken the (GPS) workshops our school gave on learning to deal with criticism during tough pressured games, he would not have portrayed this example of sportsmanship. He couldn’t have walked away at the heat of the moment.”

Senior, Cathedral High School, from a sportsmanship essay for English class, submitted to the MIAA.

"I think the workshop was interesting. It made me look at the aspects of basketball in a new light. I liked the part about the free throw (positive thinking leads to positive outcome)."

Cathedral High School, Varsity Boys Basketball particiapnt.

"(After taking the workshop the previous year), thinking positively has changed my life. I feel better about myself and it has improved my relationships with people. Thank you."

Junior, Girls Varsity Basketball, Newton South High School, Newton, MA.

Quotes from students at Fairborn High School in Ohio, a great bunch of kids!
"Great program. Very impressed with breathing focus exercise."
"The workshop helpled me visualiize more on what I am doing."
"I really enjoyed the way they gave ways to help focus."
"Good speaker."
"Thoughts...bottom line. Positive thoughts are the key."
"This helped me to focus. Thanks."
"It was very useful."
"It was helpful."
"I wasn't thrilled to be at an assembly at all, yet once I opened my eyes and ears and really took in everything that was being said, I'm very glad that we were invited to listen to these words of wisdom."
"Well prepared."
"It was very interesting, but when you are boring, you need to yell - make a new voice."
"This was great. It helped me to understand more and want to perform better."
"I really enjoyed this workshop. I really think it helps people focus and be better at their game."
"It's a good way to start the season."
"I think thinking about the outcome can help too, if in the right way."
"This was a good idea. You should do it again."
"Come up with more audience participation."
"You really helped me understand how to focus and trust myself, so thank you."
"Really enjoyed the workshop

"Honestly, going into it (the workshop), our class was on a Friday afternoon, we knew it was about two hours long, it was tough. But after I read the stuff and played in a few games, I was glad I had taken the class. I'm able to focus more on the field."
Freshman boys soccer, Newton North High School, Newton, MA.

"I didn't know my mind was so powerful."
Cathedral High School Football Player commenting on Workshop Evaluation, Boston, MA.

"I struggle with having self-confidence on the field. People say I'm pretty accomplished, but I really don't believe it. That sometimes keeps me from taking on opponents one-on-one. I'm probably my toughest critic. I always look at the negatives. The positive self-talk (I learned at the workshop) is a big thing I've applied. Before every game we write down a goal. Mine is to stay positive."
Senior, Varsity Girls Soccer, Newton North High School, Newton, MA.

"He tells us there is an 'I' in 'team'. I'd never heard anyone say that before….feeling good about yourself will only help your team win."
Senior, Varsity Football, Newton North High School, Newton, MA.

"I think it's important to stay positive even if things aren't really going your way at that time"
Senior, Varsity Boys Soccer crediting a lecture given by, Newton, MA.

"This should be given to everyone"
Newton North Girls Swim Team participant commenting on Workshop Evaluation.

"We just found out that tomorrow our meet is actually an hour before the boys' meet, so they're going to have a meet while we're doing our meet, which is going to be a huge distraction, so this was really a good exercise (talking about the "distraction" activity in the workshop)"
Senior, Gymnast, Newton North High School on Channel 5 News.

"(After the workshop, as an example of what he learned) If you're doing your routine, don't focus on the outcome of your routine and the score that you want, but focus on the details, like your form and focus on keeping your toes pointed, things like that, and that will keep you from messing up,"
Junior Gymnast on Channel 5 News.

"Better than ever before."
"I learned a lot from this lecture!!"
"Hopefully it will help again, thanks."
"Good job! It was fun and educational, nice job."
"It's great what you do. Thanks."
"Makes you think, helps find new ways to improve, I felt I learned how to control my goals and achieve."

Unsolicited "Additional Comments" taken from Anonymous Workshop Evaluation, Dec. 1, 2001, Newton North Varsity Boys Hockey Team.

"Important program - helpful for sports and life in general."
"I thought it was extremely helpful."
"Good - Helpful"
"Excellent! The idea of the lists and concentrating on details was the best."
"Very informative - definitely worth it!"
"The workshop made me realize just what I have control over, and what I don't."

Unsolicited "Additional Comments" taken from Anonymous Workshop Evaluation, Dec. 6, 2001, Newton South Track and Field Team

"I thought this was a good workshop overall."
"Lots of good information."
"Thank you!"
"I think this was a very good idea for us to learn. Now we all know how to focus better."

Unsolicited "Additional Comments" taken from Anonymous Workshop Evaluation, November 30, 2001, Reading Girls Varsity and JV Hockey teams.

"“It will help me better as a team player”
“Good. Program getting better and better”
“Good. Liked being in groups and not sitting and listening”
“Good job! It will really help this season”
“It definitely helps out with the psychological aspects and mental aspects of lax”
“I enjoyed the workshop”
“Thank you very much for reinforcing the need and benefits of visualization and feeling good about one's self"
“The examples of methods are helpful”

Additional Comments taken from workshop, April, 2003, Newton North Boys Lacrosse

Our Mission
To bring positive change to the general school curriculum and sports programming by:
 •  Building a positive school environment
 •  Enhancing emotional health
 •  Reducing violence, addictions and eating disorders including obesity

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